Should I Be Exercising?

Even if you feel fatigued, exercise can really boost your energy. It increases the endorphins, the body’s “energy” hormones, improves cardiovascular health, puts more oxygen in your muscles, and gives you an overall feeling of alertness. On the flip side, you will also discover that if you do exercise regularly, when it comes to bedtime you may sleep better, thanks to exercise!

When women exercise regularly during pregnancy, they are able to stay in shape and be more prepared for childbirth. Exercising regularly helps the body maintain vigor for that magical day (or days!) of labor. It also makes it much easier to get your body back after you give birth; many women who have held some type of exercise routine consistently are more apt to continue exercising after the baby is born.

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at times. The bigger your belly becomes, the more your back and feet may ache. Also, with more blood pumping through the muscles, some women get leg cramps during pregnancy. Exercise can help with these ailments; if you spend too much time sitting or resting, your body may become complacent and not accustomed to doing a lot of moving around. Exercise keeps your body moving and allows for less aches and pains.

For many, self-image and happiness are essential. During pregnancy, you may feel down or self-conscious because of hormonal changes and physical changes. With exercise, your spirits will lift, you may be less stressed, and you may have an overall sense of happiness and satisfaction with yourself. That’s how this time of your life is supposed to be, right? Let exercise help with that!

Exercising during pregnancy does not entail making you exhausted and rolling with sweat every day. A simple 20-minute brisk walk three days a week can do the trick. For all exercise options, it is best to talk with your physician about what you can and should not partake, as you want to be sure the exercise you ultimately choose to do is safe for you and baby.


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