How Much Weight Should I Be Gaining Each Month?

Being pregnant is such a joyous time, and with all of your celebrating and sheer happiness it can be easy just to kick back and eat anything you want! Even though it sounds amazing to be able to “eat for two” (or with twins, eat for three!) in reality it should be avoided. Yes, you need to eat more, but more during pregnancy is equivalent to about one-half to a whole sandwich and a glass of milk per day.

First Trimester

In the first three months, you should only gain a few pounds. Two to four pounds is a good goal, and if you suffer from morning sickness you may not gain even that much. What is important is to weigh yourself when you first discover you are pregnant, and then each week after that to be sure you stay on track.

Second Trimester

A good goal for many women is one pound per week. That is approximately twelve pounds in months four, five, and six. For some women, this may be difficult to do. During this time of massive fetal growth and development you may feel hungry all the time. If so, there are healthy snacks you can munch on throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels consistent and to not feel so hungry. Healthy snacks of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and whole grains are some suggestions.

Third Trimester

Once again, one pound a week is a good goal to have for weight gain in the final three months of pregnancy. This can be done, as in the second trimester, by eating five to six small meals per day to ward off spikes of hunger throughout. Enjoying nutritious snacks will allow you to make every calorie count, rather than the unhealthy foods that will only yield empty calories.

Talking with your physician and monitoring your weight will prevent you from gaining too much weight or from gaining too little. Remember, every person is different, as is every pregnancy, and the weight gain figures are a guideline. You may gain more or less depending on your original weight and other factors, such as your eating habits, whether you exercise, or if you are carrying multiples.


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